About Our Organization

What Do We Do?

H.E.L.P. is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to saving the lives of sick, injured and elderly animals in the Los Angeles City Shelters.

We love saving animals – those that remain behind in their cages while others find homes, those with little chance of rescue or adoption. We assist those who choose to adopt these pets in need, knowing that there are medical challenges, by paying an agreed upon percentage of the veterinary costs necessary to care for their new family members.

In cases where there is no other option and the dog or cat would be euthanized at the shelter, H.E.L.P. rescues the animal and arranges for medical treatment and foster care. We also have an intervention/outreach program which offers guidance and services to the public when they have nowhere else to turn.

Before establishing H.E.L.P. in the late 1990s, our volunteers co-founded the City’s groundbreaking Mobile Adoption Program in 1995 and it was at subsequent MPA’s that we became aware of the serious need for assisting the city’s medical dogs. Responding to that heart-breaking situation, H.E.L.P. became a reality and, in 2001 H.E.L.P. was granted 501c3 non-profit status. We are an all-volunteer organization, and 100% of all donations received will go toward helping animals.

Our Community Outreach Program assists pet owners experiencing financial hardship with food and medical assistance so that the pet can stay in the home and out of the shelter.


Why Do We Do It?

Thousands of animals are euthanized each year in the Los Angeles City Shelters. This staggering figure doesn’t even include all other surrounding LA County shelters. Most of these animals were highly adoptable and have something in common: they have medical conditions such as broken legs, tumors, eye problems, skin issues or illness. These animals have been hit by cars, abused, or suffered serious neglect, or they are abandoned mothers with litters of unweaned puppies.

These shelter animals face an uncertain future. H.E.L.P assists adopters who are interested in a sick, elderly or injured shelter animal, but are discouraged by the potential high veterinary costs. We also assist individuals who adopt from the shelters and discover that their animal has a medical condition after adoption. We arrange for the animal to receive veterinary care and offer financial assistance to the adopter. If the adopter has already arranged for the animal to receive medical care, we reimburse the costs upon receipt of the veterinary bill and proof of treatment.